Completed Doctoral Theses

Author Year  Thesis Name
GÖKSEL UÇTU 2023 Development of applications and protocols for the security of multicast networks
SERKAN GÖNEN 2018 Providing information security in micro type smart grid systems controlled by PLC


Completed Master Theses

Author Year  Thesis Name
SAMİ YARAŞ 2024 Analysis and detection of ddos attacks in IoT by using deep learning methods in big data environment
YAĞMUR FİDANER 2024 Design of S/MIME public key infrastructure test suite and certificate verification analysis in email applications
EMRE POLAT 2023 Detection of SQL injection attacks with machine learningand prevention methods
BERKECAN ÖZGÜR 2023 Development of an application framework model for mobile penetration testing
İMREN DAŞDEMİR YAŞAR 2023 Classification of mobile application network traffic using deep learning methods
YAĞMUR ŞAHİN 2023 Safeguarding enterprise data: A model proposal for data anonymization
SERCAN ORAN 2023 Performance analysis and security review of quick UDP internet connections and transfer control protocol
SERCAN GÜLBURUN 2022 Malware detection using consensus learning and specialized classifiers
SAMİME MERAL 2022 Analysis of the efficiency of the information security policies of public institutions in terms of ensuring corporate information security
TAYLAN KURAL 2022 Benchmarking of deep learning models for android malware analysis
CELİL OKUR 2022 Detection of dos attacks occuring at network layer with deep learning methods in wireless sensor networks
ALMULA BÜŞRA ŞAHİN 2021 A survey of digital image watermarking techniques based on discrete cosine transform
UĞUR TEKİN 2021 Obtaining cyber threat intelligence data from open source
SEDA ŞANOĞLU 2021 Cyber security in embedded system
ALİ MELİH KANCA 2021 Cyber threat information sharing between organizations evaluations and suggestions
MAHMUT ÇELİK 2021 Protection personal data submitted by web services between government agancies against software developers
MİNE ZEYBEK 2021 Security threats in internet of things applications: Camera based attacks
MESUT UĞURLU 2021 Classification of encrypted internet traffic using machine learning approach
HASAN YALPI 2020 Implementing and auditing windows operating system hardening baseline for security compliance
UĞUR ARAS 2020 Insider effect on cyber security of critical infrastructures
MERVE ÇETİN  2020  Selecting the country with the best cyber security system in nuclear supply chain
EMRE GÜL  2019  Development of cyber security instruments with log management
ABDURAHMAN AYDIN  2019  Detection of android malware with the help of machine learning using hybrid analysis methods
TAMER SAY 2019  Securing home, office and IoT networks on gateways with unified threat management
DUYGU BALCI  2019  Using hybrid methods to ensure the security of medical DICOM data
EMRE UYAR  2019  Detection of GPS spoofing on unmanned aerial vehicles
BURAK ÖZÇAKMAK  2018  Ransomware analysis and protection methods
İSMAİL ERKEK  2018  A novel approach for cyber security of Modbus based SCADA systems
ONUR AKTAŞ  2018  Analysis directory and file names in Turkish that can cause vulnerability on web application
HALİL İBRAHİM ULUS  2017 Developing server monitoring and tracking system against insider attacks
SALİH ERDEM EROL  2016  Capability based dynamic model for cyber security awareness


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